We help businesses design, source, deploy, manage, and refresh their telecom services.

Tellemica procurement solutions simplify the way companies do telecom. We specialize in mobile phones, wireless internet, voice transformation / VoIP, network connectivity, and cyber security.
AT&T Solutions Provider

Who We Are…

Transform the way you conduct business. Mobility is a critical asset in business that can not only increase efficiency and productivity but also drive new revenue opportunities and competitive advantage. A mobility solution from Tellemica can help collaborate seamlessly between locations and devices and keep users and locations connected to critical applications and data.


AT&T Solutions Provider

What We Do…


Mobile Consulting

From contract recommendations to account positioning, Tellemica offers end-to-end mobile consulting.

Mobile Deployment

Mobile Staging

We will deploy all your mobile hardware, company wide seamlessly and without interrupting your business.

Mobile Services Management

Order Processing

We take ownership of simplifying and managing your mobile plans so you can focus on your business.

Corporate Cellphone Buy Back Plan

Corporate Cellphone Buyback Plans

Your hardware investment with Tellemica always has a return. Contact an agent to discuss our buy back plans.

AT&T Business Wireless Plans

Business Wireless Plans

We offer customized business wireless plans that fit any size business.

Personalized Support

Personalized Support

No more struggling with painful automated message systems that waist your time. With us, you have one point of contact. Always.

Industries We Serve

From Healthcare to Non-Profits, Tellemica can provide custom solutions to practically any sized business in any vertical. These are just a few industries we serve and serve well.




mid size business


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