Mobile Staging

Offer mobile staging so that mobile device deployment is seamless, without error.

Mobile Staging

How it Works…

Through creating mobile staging environments, we ensure that at every stage of device deployment process all possible hurdles have a resolution in place. This type of proactive planning ensures mobile deployment across 100…200…or even 500+ devices is seamless with limited if any interruption.

Project Management

Through creating a detailed project scope, we ensure we covers device inspection, user specific-information, optimizations & upgrades, and user specs configuration just to name.


We will stage all your new devices to ensure they have the required software applications, documentation, and accessories so when your team will finally open their new device they’re ready to go.


That’s right. We provide direct, personalized support to guide you and your team members with support they need, when they need it. Personalized support is the backbone of Tellemica.

Additional Services…

We provide ourselves on being a one-stop-shop as an AT&T solutions provider. From consultation to deployment, Tellemica can do it all.

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personalized support

Mobile Service Management

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Mobile Deployment

mobile deployment

Corporate Cellphone buyback plans

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