Order Processing

Managing & supporting your team mobile plans so you can focus on your business.
Mobile Service Management - Tellemica

How it Works…

Our team is dedicated to processing requests with urgency and accuracy. Leveraging AT&T’s internal systems, our experienced team will provide tracking and reporting of all completed transactions.

Placing an Order

From start to finish, our team will process your order, eliminating any heavy lifting so you you can focus on running your business.


Like a tightly wound watch, we pride ourselves on efficiency. From consultation to deployment, we take you through to the finish line.

Simplifying the Order Process

No longer do you have to manage an unfamiliar website dashboard that doesn’t have your unique needs in mind. We manage the entire ordering process to fit your unique business needs.

Additional Services…

We provide ourselves on being a one-stop-shop as an AT&T solutions provider. From consultation to deployment, Tellemica can do it all.

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Mobile Service Management

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Mobile Deployment

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Corporate Cellphone buyback plans

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