Corporate Cellphone Buy Back

Providing a return on your mobile device investment when you’re ready to upgrade.

Corporate Cellphone Buy Back - Tellemica

How it Works…

When you’re purchasing 100+ mobile devices, we understand this is an investment. That is why we offer a corporate cellphone buy back through AT&T that allows you to trade in your gently used devices in the event of upgrade.

Competitive Pricing

First, we offer custom plans suited to your business unique needs, ensuring you are always getting the best pricing on your investment.

Buy Back Plan

When your team is ready for an upgrade, we will review your devices and offer a buy back opportunity for any gently used devices to be credited towards the upgrade of your new phone packages.

Upgrading Hardware

Offset costs of upgrading devices & services when you take advantage of our corporate cellphone buyback plan. Trade-in your gently used wireless devices & receive credit for the value of the device towards the purchase of a new device.

Additional Services…

We provide ourselves on being a one-stop-shop as an AT&T solutions provider. From consultation to deployment, Tellemica can do it all.

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